What is holistic medicine?


Holistic medicine considers the treatment of the entire individual rather than just concentrating on the body of the person. The 3 aspects of the person on which the holistic medicine concentrates on are:

  • Body
  • Mind
  • Spirit
  • Emotions

What is holistic medicine?

While the conventional medicine would just concentrate on the bodily symptoms of the person, holistic medicine concentrates on entire healing of the person. This ensures that holistic medicine is able to provide proper health balance to the person.

The main working principle of holistic medicine is that if a certain part of the individual is not normal, it would also impact on the aspects of the person. Like, if the physical state of the person is not normal, it would also impact their emotional state. Thus, the whole balance of an individual’s life is disturbed. That is why holistic medicine always concentrates on different aspects of a person’s life.

The doctors who are recommending holistic medicines might use the conventional methods of treatment or they can even use the alternative therapies in order to bring a sense of balance to a person’s life. Doctors who practice holistic medicines take a bigger view of a person’s problem rather than just looking at the physical symptoms.


If you’re complaining of a persistent headache to a holistic doctor, instead of just giving you a painkiller, the doctor would try to look into your sleeping habits as well as your diet and thereafter, prescribe your treatment. This would ensure that the root cause of headache is eliminated rather than just the symptoms. It is evident from this example that holistic medicine ensures that the problem is eliminated entirely by evicting the root cause of the problem.

Principle of holistic medicine:

Holistic medicine believes in healing the person with proper love and support. Holistic medicine also believes in the overall healing of the person rather than just healing a single aspect of a person’s life. Some of the principles of holistic medicine include:

  • People have healing powers within themselves.
  • All aspects of a person’s life need to be treated in order to eliminate the disease
  • The root cause of the problem should be fixed rather than just eliminating the symptoms

Thus, if you’re looking to eliminate the root cause of your health problems, it is a much better idea to opt for holistic medicine rather than normal conventional medicine. Holistic medicine would ensure that you are able to bring the equilibrium back in your life without any harmful medicines.