Anabolic Factor X9

Health & Fitness

Containing seven quality ingredients, Anabolic Factor X9 is a well rounded supplement, formulated to increase muscle growth and strength.

Anabolic Factor X9 Pro’s

  • Produced in South Africa
  • Contains Bioperine® which allows for higher bio-availability of all other ingredients
  • Made in a GMP certified facility
  • High customer satisfaction percentage (Over 100 reviews on Takealot and

Anabolic Factor X9 Con’s

  • Only for sale in South Africa
  • Can only be bought online
  • Often sells out quickly


  • Optimises testosterone production
  • Lean muscle mass and strength
  • Prevents muscle breakdown
  • Increase energy and improve workout recovery

Ingredient Profile

Eurycoma Longifolia supports testosterone production. Helps increase lean muscle mass production and strength.

Avena Sativa has shown to break bound testosterone, this leads to an increased amount of free Testosterone within the bloodstream.

Fenugreek supports healthy testosterone levels and increases exercise performance. Fenugreek can also help reduce the conversion of testosterone to DHT.

Tribulus Terrestris has shown to support healthy testosterone levels, improve muscle growth, strength and workout recovery.

Zinc assists with protein synthesis. Zinc can also help optmimise testosterone production within a normal range.

Vitamin B6 is necessary for protein and fuel metabolism during exercise.

Bioperine ® is patented ingredient extracted from the Black Pepper Fruit. Bioperine helps increase the bioavailability and effectiveness of all other ingredients.


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